In support of our vision and mission, the LatticeX Foundation provides a grants program to fund projects that are conducive to the development of the LatticeX ecosystem.

Together with global developers, communities and researchers, the program provides grants that we believe will enhance LatticeX's innovation and promote the ecosystem prosperity in the long term.

Support we provide

Individuals, teams and researchers are all welcome to submit inquiry form.

  • 01

    Awarded grants

  • 02

    Technical guidance

  • 03

    Mentors and advisors

  • 04

    Opportunities to connect to other teams

  • 05

    Opportunities to participate in events


We are particularly interested in, but not limited to, the scope of the grants listed below.

DApp supportUser tools
User tools
Basic characteristics
Cryptography algorithms
Education and community
Various DApps
New language SDK, including Rust, Javascript, Java, Python, etc.
Smart contract public libraries
Application layer public libraries of various languages, including Rust, Javascript, Java, Python, etc.
Development and deployment tools, including standalone IDE or IDE plug-ins such as VSCode and Eclipse
DApp developing and migrating documents

Please contact us for a detailed list.

In order for our grants to be more effective, authentic and accurate, all grants must be made
1. Submit application
This round is open to any applicant, please refer to the application template to prepare the content and send it to the Foundation Grants email address. The feedback time is maximum two weeks.
2. First round review
At this stage, we will review the application information.If approval has been made, we will invite applicants to provide more detailedproject documents.
3. Second round review
Based on the application form and detailed project description documents, wewill have a public Q & A with the applicants.
More details contact us at
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