LatticeX Foundation supports a variety of projects that serve the development of LatticeX ecosystem, including the underlying distributed infrastructures, the industrial applications, and related technologies and tools.

Digital Public Infrastructure
PlatON is an open financial infrastructure initiated and promoted by the LatticeX Foundation, aiming to become a major blockchain platform in the era of Web 3. It secures stability and performance on a par with that of the financial system, and provides privacy-enhanced compliant digital asset management, multi-scenario encrypted payment and settlement solutions, as well as smooth and user-friendly experience for various types of Web3 native applications and applications/users migrating from Web2 to Web3.
The meta network of PlatON
As the meta network of PlatON, Alaya is the prototype and business sandbox for the next generation of financial infrastructure, as well as the advanced experimental network for the next generation of global privacy-preserving computation architecture and data asset computing infrastructure.
High performance Open Source TSS
Open TSS sponsored by lattice foundation, building a new high performance and secure MPC-TSS protocol based on new underlay cryptography primitive. Open TSS also has published this top research result at the ASIACRYPT 2021 conference.
High Performance MPC-KMS Service
MPC-KMS combine Open TSS and HSM to provide a high performance key management service. Product features as below.
Muli-version key management
HSM based security protection
Access control based user business scenario
Open source privacy-preserving machine learning framework
Rosetta is a privacy-preserving framework based on TensorFlow. It integrates with mainstream privacy-preserving computation technologies, including cryptography, federated learning and trusted execution environment. Rosetta aims to provide privacy-preserving solutions for artificial intelligence without requiring expertise in cryptography, federated learning and trusted execution environment.
Empowered Web3 Data Service
An open platform provides everything you need to manage, use and trade your data in the Web3 ecosystem. Empower data owners, developers, and businesses to unlock new economic opportunities with diversified data services. Based on various Privacy Enhancing Technology Services, saving development costs and eliminating the threshold of algorithm application makes users better concentrate on business development.
Secure MPC Verified Random Service
RealRan VRF leverages MPC protocol to provide random oracle service to smart contract, especially for NFT, Gamefi and DeFi developers.